How Can I Purchase an eSIM Or Tourist SIM Card For Japan?

How Can I Purchase an eSIM Or Tourist SIM Card For Japan?

In Japan, a SIM card that is embedded into a device functions similarly to a traditional SIM card. Eliminate the need to change out actual SIM cards, use unprotected public WiFi, and deal with crowded networks. To use mobile data in Japan, get an eSIM data plan and maintain your current phone number for SMS and calls.

You can visit Japan without physically changing SIM cards if you have an eSIM. Time is saved, and there is no chance of misplacing or breaking a real SIM card. In addition to supporting eSIM, many smartphones come equipped with a physical SIM card slot, which lets you use two different phone numbers at once.

Thus, wherever you go in Japan, you can travel freely and always stay safely connected. For travelers and business travelers visiting Japan, Bytesim provides reasonably priced prepaid eSIM data plans. You can purchase more items… available on No commitment, close to local data rates, and no roaming costs

Tips for purchasing eSIM For Japan

There are different instructions you should follow while purchasing eSim for traveling in different countries.

Check Your Device

Verify whether the eSIM technology is compatible with your device. Most modern smartphones, including the iPhone XS, XR, and subsequent models, are compatible with eSIM technology. But not every device might be compatible, so be sure to confirm before you buy that your SIM is also compatible with your device.

Choose Data Plan

Choose the kind of plan that you require. Take into account things like data caps, call and text allotments, and the length of your visit to Japan. Prepaid plans are offered by certain providers, while postpaid plans with longer contracts are offered by others. While unlimited data is a special offer, keep in mind that the carrier might have a fair usage policy in place.

Examine various eSIMs

You can examine different types of eSim cards to choose the best SIM card while visiting Japan or other European countries. Choose the Japanese eSIM provider that best meets your needs by doing some research and comparing them. Rakuten Mobile, SoftBank, and NTT Docomo are a few well-known providers.

Visit Official Websites

To buy the eSIM card, go to the provider's official website or physical location. Numerous suppliers enable transactions through the internet and offer guidance on activating the eSIM on your gadget. There is a flawless signal provided by the official website, Occasionally, the domestic card is 3G. In general, the speed can exceed 500k, with 2M being the fastest.

Network Setup

Your device will connect to the MNO's network and activate the eSIM profile after scanning the QR code. An internet connection might be necessary for this process, so Wi-Fi or an alternative may require an already-existing SIM card. By using this method, you would be able to connect to a perfect network.

Follow Instruction

For purchasing an eSim in Japan, you should follow different instructions. To configure your eSIM on your device, adhere to the activation guidelines supplied by the eSIM provider. Usually, this entails manually entering a code or scanning a QR code. By using this code, you will easily activate your eSim.

Check Connectivity for eSIMs

Before using the eSIM for your communication needs in Japan, make sure it is functioning properly by testing its connectivity. During your usage, keep the contact details of the eSIM provider close at hand in case you run into any problems or require assistance. This will help you get a real eSim card for your needs.


eSIMs are simple to activate and deactivate, and you can adjust the plan's duration to suit your needs. Those who frequently travel between different countries or are on short-term trips will find this flexibility especially helpful. Do not worry about waiting for delivery if you are already traveling in Japan or are in a hurry. sends the eSIM card to your email immediately.